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This site is about Interactive Science Exhibits, Science Centers and Science Museums, Kinetic Sculpture, Gravitram, Stereoscopic Photography, Stereoscopy, Fun and Serendipity.

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So what is GRAVITRAM? It is a word that I made up in 1973 for a kinetic sculpture that I created. While this site has many other facets in addition to Gravitram sculptures, it is my desire to preserve the word as an original name that has been used generically by many people since 1973,  to mean a kinetic sculpture that uses rolling balls. To learn more about these sculptures go to Gravitram.

While many of the exhibit examples described here were made originally as custom exhibits for specific clients, the goal of this site is educational and informative, thus you will not see much design hype, but mostly solid information. Feel free to contact me about details on some of these exhibits by writing to:  shablevy at comcast dot net

The goal of this website is to present the achievements of my professional background in the past and to give friends and strangers an idea of my recreational activities. My work, hobbies and life have been intermingled so much that frequently I eliminate the boundaries between them. All the same, I hope you will find the site enjoyable and interesting.

Most of the products depicted in the photographs have been created in my professional design studio. A few have been created at other locations. While I take credit for all the things depicted in the photographs, be they sculptures, exhibits, products or design, one should understand that within an environment of a creative design business, many products, and especially those created in my studio after 1990, have been done with help from my staff but always with the direct input and supervision from me. Therefore, as in other creative endeavors, credit usually goes to the head of the project - in that case to me. However. I would be the last to take away from the importance of the creative input and talents that have been part of my professional and business career and I would like to thank all the people that were part of the Levy Design team, during its active period from 1988 to 2003. At its height, Levy Design had a staff 16 full time employees ranging from designers, architects, engineers, machinists and support personnel. At present, Levy Design is not an active company, although I personally continue to develop different products, mostly for fun.

The period of 15 years of the existence of my company (Levy Design, Inc.) between 1987 to 2003 was probably the most creative time in my life. In spite of the fact that I had to deal with the "commercial" side of it, like clients' unreasonable demands and ignorance of the process of exhibit design and production, the actual time I spent on research and development of ideas and after that on testing and prototyping of such, will always be a highlight in my life. It was a time of classic brainstorming sessions with very talented colleagues and of friendly arguments about function and aesthetics and about discoveries and values. I miss that now.

This entire website, all the information in it and all graphics are copyrighted to Shab Levy - 2011  shablevy at comcast dot net

Shab Levy, self portrait 2009


Shab Levy at 80 years old, on April 25, 2019


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