Science Exhibits


This section of the website documents work done at Levy Design Inc, my professional design business, mostly during the period between 1987 and 2003, the year I retired. Some illustrations depict work for which I was directly responsible prior to 1987 or outside of my design business, as a consultant.

The business was formed in 1987 as Shab Levy Exhibits, and incorporated as Levy Design in 1989, the year that I moved the operations to its present location in NW Portland, Oregon USA. The business operated successfully for over 15 years when it was finally closed in 2005, but the facility remains intact and now serves as a tinkering heaven.

The facility includes a design studio and a production shop equipped with the necessary tools and machines needed to create scientific exhibits and related products. During the period from 1987 until it closed down, the firm had grown from one person to 16 employees and eventually going back to one person. Levy Design Inc., does not exist any longer, and I devote my time now mostly to developing new project ideas, consulting, tinkering and stereoscopic photography.

Developing science exhibits and related materials and products is a complex process involving research, idea development, conceptual design, prototyping, technical writing, graphics, product design, fabrication, testing, and on-site installation. Although a few exhibits illustrated here are the product of a single individual, most exhibits are the result of the harmonious, and sometime controversial, cooperation between different talents.

To create successful exhibits, Levy Design has, throughout the years, employed many professionals in their fields: Scientists, architects, product designers, mechanical end electrical engineers and a group of extremely talented and skilled machinists and fabricators who have translated what seemed like impossible dreams into reality.

I have been very fortunate to be able to lead a group with such high talents and have given special credit to some of these individuals elsewhere. It has been a real treat to work with such people and I have enjoyed this creative atmosphere enormously. You know that you like your job if when you wake up in morning, you canít wait to get to the office.

The Exhibits

The illustrations are grouped loosely according to topics. In addition to a photograph, I have given a short description of the exhibit, where it is (or was) located and some other pertinent information. Occasionally, I have provided links to sites or to other interesting information. Most of the images are photographs of finished exhibits at our studios, some are photographed on-site and some of the images are drawings showing the pre and post stages. As always, when available, I have provided some stereoscopic photographs of some of the exhibits. To learn more about viewing those pictures stereoscopically, please go to the stereo viewers page.