Send your solutions to me and  if your solutions are correct to all the puzzles, you will have the option of adding your name to the honor roll of  this site for others to see, puzzle and admire! As you can see, there are no names of honored individuals as no one so far has been able to solve all the puzzles, although many have come close.

However, if you have reached your frustration level and need the solution to a puzzle you have worked on hard, so you can sleep tonight, write and request the answer. I will be happy to send you the solutions to those puzzles that you have tried to solve but not to the ones you haven't tried hard. Sure, you must show me your attempts.


I am happy to announce the first person to have solved all the puzzles below:

Andrew Yeh, from Portland, Oregon


Shortest Line?

Shortest Line.jpg (92860 bytes)

Cube Resistance

Cube-Resistance.jpg (83807 bytes)

Mirror Puzzle

Mirror-Puzzle.jpg (88506 bytes)

Mysterious Square Puzzle 

Mysterious-Square-Puzzle.jpg (67289 bytes)

Impossible Construction

Impossible Construction.jpg (231759 bytes)
Plug the Holes Plug the hole.jpg (224160 bytes)
The Nail Conundrum The Nail Conundrum.jpg (287276 bytes)
The Knight's Problem The Knight's Problem.jpg (164615 bytes)
Bisecting Puzzle

See an animated example

The Ant and the Jar Puzzle
Counterfeit Coins Puzzle
Red and Blue Liquids Puzzle
Mirror Size to See Your Full Body
Golden Chain Puzzle
Winding a Wire
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