Not offered any longer!


The matchbox project consists of matchbox style boxes containing different collections. The first collection is of phantograms, also known as pop-up art images. When these images are viewed through the red/cyan 3D glasses at 45, the images on the cards pop up from the card and stand erect as if the actual object is in front of you. Each matchbox comes with 5 cards, a pair of glasses and instructions. Additional cards can be ordered directly from me: for $3 each. The Matchbox and its contents as shown in the pictures below can be purchased directly from me for $45. No shipping charges in the USA. For details write to me at above email.

There is a large selection of different images, see thumbnails below. A matchbox can fit 80 cards plus the glasses. The matchbox size is 4"x2.5"x1" and is custom made and finished with high gloss photo paper, just as each card is. The top of the box features also a pop-up image.

Phantogram images maybe of real objects or of computer generated images. The thumbnails below show both types. From 1 to 36 are real images and from 37 to 56 are computer generated images. Each card is 2"x2.5".