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Remember when you were a child and looked in amazement through your View-Master viewer at your favorite cartoons in 3D? Remember later, when you grew up and looked at all these beautiful 3D pictures of far and exotic places?

And now you wish you could put your own pictures on a custom made reel to re-live and enjoy that experience...

Wish no more, because now you can do that! I can make custom View-Master reels for you!

There are several types of custom reels I can make from your digital camera or from your scanned pictures:

* If you have a single picture file, not in stereo, I can place text with it, so that when you look through the viewer at the custom reel, you will see the text floating in front of the background. Or I can leave it plain without text, your choice.

* If you are into 3D, you can send me your left and right files, and I can convert these to a true 3D View-Master reel.


Precision custom-cut blank reel used with the system


A finished custom reel


One reel contains 7 images. If your images are in 3D, then I need a left and a right image for each pair labeled accordingly. If your 7 images are not in 3D, send me only 7 images. I will duplicate each so each eye will be able to see the same image. Indicate the order of how you wish the images to appear in the reels.



You send me the images and you get back the reels, I will do the rest using my best judgment as to how to crop and position your images in the reels. No extra charge. Just make sure your images are as high resolution as possible.


The price of each custom reel is $50.

Minimum order is for two reels for a total of $100.

I charge $50 for each order which is used to ship the order by next day delivery. NO EXCEPTIONS!


I can do a rush order in 3 business days. The clock starts after I have your digital images and your address and your payment. The price for rush order is double the normal price. Shipping time is in addition, but I can mail your reels using next day delivery service in the USA, for additional $50.


Text costs an additional $1 per image. For example, if you want to include text in each image in the reel, add $14 to the price of the reel. (There are 14 image windows per reel.)

The reels come with a label in the center of the reel. You may add up to 50 characters to customize it to your needs. Send me the text as you want it to appear on the label. However, if you wish to have your own design turned into a label, there is $5 charge per reel. Your custom design must be able to fit in a circle of 2 inch in diameter.


Send your digital files to: Your files must be in one single zipped folder. Must be ZIP not RAR!

You can also attach your files to emails, but that will take a long time to transfer - it's up to you. Send them to:

I accept personal checks if issued by a bank in the USA. I accept also PayPal transfers and cash. The easiest is to transfer money via PayPal to my account:

I do not sell View-Master viewers. You can buy these at a toy store or on Ebay. My reels will fit any standard View-Master viewer made in the USA but may not fit properly some defective viewers made cheaply in other countries. Sorry, but I cannot guarantee the fit of reels in such viewers. If you are not sure, send me a picture of your viewer and I will attempt to identify it for you.

There is no charge for shipping the finished reels to you if you live within the USA, for other countries the price is $5. I will send you your reels using regular first class postal service mail. This service has no tracking numbers and carries no warranties for delivery time or loss. I have made many reels and the post office has not lost any of my mail so far, even to foreign countries. However, if you must have tracking numbers and warranties, I will use a more expensive method of shipment which will cost you more money. How much more, depends on where do you live and how fast you need your order. Email to ask me for details.  All orders must be prepaid. Turn around time is about one week for two reels, but this depends on how busy I am. You may send me your files first, wait for my response to verify the files are correctly saved and after you hear from me, you should pay for the service.

If you prefer to send me check or cash, you should send also your images on a CD at the same time rather than transfer these via the internet. Since I won't start working on your project before I receive payment, there is no need to clutter the internet with large files. Just send everything in one package via regular mail to:

Shab Levy
2244 NW Quimby Street
Portland OR 97210

Please remember that this is a custom service, I don't use fancy machines, I do everything by hand, I judge each image and correct it if necessary and I don't do large quantities either! About 10 reels, not more.


Send me email with all of your questions:
Phone: 503-314-9521

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