Compiled by Shab Levy

This visual list represents 30 architectural structures with 119 photographs. The list is arranged chronologically by the year of the birth of the architect and each page is dedicated to one structure. The list is based primarily on personal preference and non-academic research of some of the most popular works in the history of architecture. This is not an academic research and consequently there is no systematic or otherwise justified reason as to the included selections other than personal preference. I plan to expand this collection in time and to identify all the structures.

Each page has a link to Wikipedia, the Free Encyclopedia on the Internet, about the architect of the work on view. (Click the name of the architect to link to Wikipedia)

Alphabetical list of represented architects starts on page 122

I hope that you will enjoy perusing the images. I would be grateful if you let me know if in your opinion I have made some major errors, or missed an important work of architecture. In short, I would like to hear from you. Email me at:

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Shab Levy
Portland, Oregon, March 30, 2012