In the late fall of 2010 a few 3D enthusiasts got together with the purpose of forming an independent group of people interested in making 3D movies. After a few meetings, it was decided to operate on zero budget and with the help of members' equipment and facilities only. The group started looking for ideas for a movie and after a short period an idea by Diane Rulien, one of the group's founders, was accepted. Diane's idea was inspired by a movie called "The Lunch Date" (1989) a short movie of 12 minutes which won an Oscar in the short movie category in 1989. The story derives from a classic urban legend, usually referred to as "A Packet of Biscuits" and circulating since 1972. The same plot was used in the Dutch film "Boeuf Bourgignon" (1988), although neither filmmaker was aware of the other film.

A script based on these movies was written and rewritten by several of the members and finally accepted. It took some months until filming started with actual filming done in about 4-5 days during 3 periods. One of the main challenges was finding a restaurant (where most of the action takes place) and finally Ryan Menard, who plays the "Man" in the movie, came to the rescue offering a friend's bar which was available during the day.

The filming was done by four of the members, 3 of whom used their Fuji W3 cameras and one who used a complex rig of full HD still cameras. After some editing frustrations, Bob Schlesinger came to the rescue, offering and succeeding in editing the 10 minute movie using an inexpensive movie editing program called Magix.

Meanwhile, a few members met with Bev Standish a member of the group, who is a musician and digital artist and asked her to write original music for the movie. In less than 3 weeks, Bev delivered, and the music became part of the movie.

With the movie finally finished, everyone was invited to Bob's house to review the final results on a large screen.

The official public premiere of Out to Lunch was presented at the 3D Center in Portland, Oregon in early July 2011.

CAST: Lady - Diane Rulien; Man - Ryan Menard; Clerk - Robert Schlesinger
3D VIDEOGRAPHERS: Greg Marshall; Jesse Blanchard; Robert Schlesinger; Shab Levy
DIRECTED BY: Kathleen O'Reilly and Ryan Menard
EDITED BY: Robert Schlesinger

Special thanks to Chris Joseph Owner/Operator The Morrison Hotel Bar Portland, OR

About the members of the group:

Diane has acted in several local theatre productions in the past and Ryan has been involved in acting and directing community movies in the Portland area. Bob has had some experience in editing movies in the past and he found yet another hidden talent in the role of the clerk. Bev is a music teacher, animation instructor and artist. Kathleen works as a commercial video producer. Jesse is a professional videographer and editor. Finally, Greg Marshall, Ron Kriesel and Shab Levy are all enthusiastic stereo photographers.

Here are some stereo stills from "Out to Lunch"


You can watch the movie online as well, in stereo or not in stereo:

Watch the movie in 3D:

Watch a non-3D version (larger picture on your monitor but not in stereo)